Monday, June 6, 2011

Traveling again. . . .

Since the first of the year, I have traveled over 12,000 miles by airplane, and over 5,000 miles by car.  That is a LOT of travel time!  Of course, if you are writing a blog titled "Mile Markers along the Way" you would expect that travel would be involved, and in my life, it certainly is.

The last trip was my flight back to Guyana.  When I last contributed to this blog, I was in Guyana dealing with flooding.  Since that time, I have been back to the states, traveled back and forth to Florida twice.  Spent time in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and of course. . . at home in Arkansas.  I've conducted a wedding, been there at the birth of my new Grand Daughter, went with my son to his first Football meeting at Junior High, and visited with lots and lots of old friends along the way.

This trip to Guyana has been different in so many ways. . . .

Traveling down, I got "upgraded" at JFK by the ticket agent, and ended up flying First Class all the way to Guyana.  What an AMAZING treat!  I have been upgraded a couple of times before, but usually on a flight of only an hour or so.  An hour of First class flying is just enough to let you know that you like it, but not enough time to really settle in and enjoy the experience.

This time though, I sat there for six hours in a chair as comfortable as my recliner in my "Man Cave" at home.  I kicked off my shoes, laid back with a real pillow and blanket, and relished every single moment.

And the Breakfast!  Let me just say that it was the best airline food I have EVER had.  WOW!

What a GREAT way to start the trip.

However, due to the new arrival of our Grand Daughter, and Isaiah having Football practice all summer long, Colleen and Isaiah are not coming down with me.  Being in Guyana for three months without my family is not exactly what I would prefer.  In fact, it is NOT at all what I prefer.  But sometimes, things don't exactly go the way you prefer do they?

So here I am, in Guyana, getting ready for the summer activity, and gearing up for lots and lots of work.  And without my family here to help me, keep me balanced, and get me through the rough spots.

Now I'm not starting a "Pity Parade" or even asking you to start one for me.  The truth is, I have known this was the way it was going to play out for a while.  When our Daughter told us she was pregnant, and I figured out the general timeline of delivery, I knew there was going to be NO WAY that my wife was going to leave that Grand Baby. . . nor did I even want her to.

Furthermore, I knew that Isaiah was VERY motivated and interested in playing football through school, and with that was going to come summer practice.

So I knew this was coming, and particularly I knew it was coming THIS YEAR!

But you know, sometimes we know the road ahead is going to be rough and difficult.  Sometimes we are aware of the potholes and heavy traffic we are going to face, and we think "Not a problem. . .I can handle it."  And the truth is. . . most times we can.  But knowing about it in advance and getting mentally prepared is totally different than dealing with is up close and personal.

If you are like me, and even though you thought you were prepared, you suddenly find yourself up close and personal with a difficult road. . . then remember you are NOT alone!

First off, there are LOT'S of us who either have been there, or are currently there!  Lot's of times on that Lonely and Difficult road, we think we are the only ones there. . . but we're not.  Just look around.  You are likely to find others who are on the same roadway with you. . . and dealing with exactly the same thing.  And they can help you along the journey too.  But only if you let them help.  Don't be afraid to admit you are alone, and tired, and scared.

Furthermore, Jesus promised you that you would NEVER be alone. . . even on a lonely road!  His promise in Matthew 28 is "and lo, I am with you always. . .even to the end of the world."  I don't know the number of times that promise hasn't sustained me through the lonely stretches of highway. . . and it can sustain you too!

He will NEVER leave you alone on the roadway.

Remember that!  And you never know. . .you might just feel like you have had an "upgrade" too!

See you on the Road!

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