Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Travel in the 21st Century. . .

As many of you have noted. . .I travel a LOT!  When I am in the states, it is not uncommon for me to be on the road between 800 and 1,500 miles a week.  Much of that travel is via my car.  This lifestyle started about 20 years ago, when I started working in Guyana too.

20 years ago, when I got back stateside, I would purchase a new Atlas from Wal Mart, load up my car with CD's and Cassettes, and hit the road.  But today. . .things are different.

Today, when I get into my car, I plug in my XM Radio and listen to tons of music, news, and sports talk in CD quality no matter where I am.  I also plug in my trusty GPS device.

Now these two devices have UTTERLY changed my life on the road.  First off. . . I can listen to the same radio "station" all day. . . .even if I travel 500 miles in one day.  Secondly, I can leave a location ANYWHERE, and punch in the address I am traveling to, and it will lead me right to the door.  This is amazing!  And I don't have to look at a map.  I just follow the GPS attached to my windshield and get right where I am going.

Lots of times, when I am in a place I don't know so well. . .as soon as I get to my location (Church, Preacher's house, Hotel, etc.) I save the location so that I know I can always get back to that spot if needed.

One time, while Colleen and I were in Jacksonville years ago, we had gone to someone's house for the evening.  On the way back to where we were staying, I was on a major highway, and before I knew it, I was in a lane that made me take a different road.  As we were entering that road, I was complaining that I had made a wrong turn and now we were going to spend a while getting back on the road we needed to be.  Colleen said, "Why don't you just listen to your GPS?  It will get you back where you want to go."

She was right, and in just a matter of moments, we were back on track and on our way to our home for the evening.

There have been lot's of times that I have used that GPS to get me right where I wanted to go.  In fact, I have talked to people in a town I've never been to, and just asked for their address. . .and driven right to their door.  The GPS always guides me where I want to go.

You know. . . that is how God's word is too!  It leads us, it guides us, and it gets us out of trouble.  But only if we look at it.  Just like that GPS, if I don't look at it. . . it can't help me.

The Psalmist said "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my pathway." (Psalms 119:105)  And much like the GPS is a light to our pathway today. . . God's word is our CONSTANT GPS!

My GPS keeps me from getting lost, it helps me to find my way, and it tells me what the turns and road looks like ahead.

God's word works EXACTLY the same way!  His word keeps us from getting lost, helps us to find our way, and tells us what the turns and road looks like ahead!

It occurs to me that if we would just follow God's word, many of the pitfalls, disasters, and wrong turns in life could be avoided.  If we spent just as much time in God's word as we do on the internet, or watching the news, or reading the paper. . . we would find that the road in life would be a lot less bumpy, and we would easily find our way on our journey.

We are going to make wrong turns. . .both in our cars. . . and in our lives.  When that happens, perhaps the best thing, if not the only thing we should do, is consult the guide.  Be it the GPS in our Car. . . or God's word in our life.

Spend time every day in God's word.  It will keep you from getting lost, and in fact, can keep you from making those wrong turns in the first place.

See you on the Road!


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